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LED Dance Floor for your Perfect Wedding

If you have a wedding coming up, we have just the thing to keep your guests up and dancing all night. Since we know just how important weddings are to our clients, we will make sure that their celebrations of love and harmony are as memorable as they can possibly be. Our stunning floor solutions are simply perfect for whatever wedding concept you have in mind.

We offer a selection of floors for every occasion that will easily add to the atmosphere and blend in with your theme. We have black and white LED floors, large enough to fit any room of your choosing and we offer remote controls to put you in full control over the speed of the flashing lights, to better set the mood for your wedding dances.

A pure white twinkling dance floor, a classy black LED dance floor or a black and white chequered floor, the choice is yours.

And we can also discuss your preferences and theme with you to help you decide which flooring solution will suit your needs the most.

Weddings - Black LED Dance Floor Rental Cork

Black or White LED Dance Floor for Retro Elegant Weddings

If you’re looking to add a touch of retro elegance to your big day, then why not go with our black and white chequered dance floor solution. And we can make it even more romantic by making your chequered floor sparkle with our LED dancefloor technology.

Black or white LED floors are just the thing you need when you want to set up the perfect romantic evening. That’s exactly why these floors are great for such special occasions like weddings. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and make the best memories on our dance floors.

Whether you like rectangular or square floor patterns, with or without the twinkling LED lights, black or white, we will make sure that you have a night to remember.
Our professional team of flooring experts will take care of the delivery and assembling.

Check availability and get a quote for your dance floor for your wedding

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